Tree Services

Hazardous Tree Assessment

The best way for us to analyze the health of a tree is to do a visual inspection of the lot. Under closer evaluation, we can determine the best pruning and removal needs that work for you. We provide free consultation and estimates.

Tree Removal

A great way to enhance your landscape and safeguard your property is to remove trees. When a tree is dead or dying, it becomes dangerous to surrounding structures and other trees. Using our experience, we fully assess the trees to provide specific recommendations and then carefully remove them with full cleanup. Updated landscaping, new construction, dead or dying trees and storm damage are all reasons where tree removal may be necessary.

Tree Pruning

Pruning is the removal of dead or overgrown branches to help increase growth. It's the best way to improve the health and appearance of your trees. Working with your landscape, we can suggest pruning options that will benefit your trees and the aesthetics of your whole yard. Maintaining the health of the tree is done through the use of no spikes. Spikes can damage the outer layer of the tree and make it vulnerable to disease, bugs and mold. We also do not “ top” trees. Topping of trees is unnatural to the tree and leads to tree damage and weak limb structure. Selective pruning can be provided to decrease the canopy of a tree.

Other services and notes

Over the years, I have worked
with many arborists, but Paul DeMarchi and Topps Tree Service are unrivaled in terms of safety, professionalism, knowledge, punctuality, and price. I have worked with...

- Nick R., Chapel Hill, NC

Do I need to be home to have the work done?

No, we only need access within the area we are working.

Do you use spikes to prune trees?

No spikes are used.